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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Project Design: TICkit?'
1999\07\19@145948 by John Mitchell

'[PICLIST] PIC - Max. # of pins for the YAP2 Kit?'
2000\11\30@125753 by Daniel T. Latimer
2000\11\30@131755 by Scott Tressler, Cimco
2000\11\30@132217 by Daniel T. Latimer

'[EE]: DSP beginners kit?'
2003\03\09@142242 by Fredrik Axtelius
2003\03\10@082230 by Francisco Ares
2003\03\10@082442 by Francisco Ares

'[EE:] Can bus development kit?'
2003\12\10@125924 by Samuel BOUQUET
2003\12\11@002241 by Dan Devine

'[PIC]: ICD2 kit?'
2004\09\20@184156 by Philip Pemberton
2004\09\20@211030 by Bob Axtell
2004\09\20@234533 by Chetan Bhargava
2004\09\27@045506 by Buehler, Martin
2004\09\27@104100 by Norris Smith
2004\09\27@114849 by Igor Pokorny

'[EE]: Two-way pager OEM development kit?'
2005\05\31@204629 by Glenn Jones

'[EE]: Two-way pager OEM development kit?'
2005\06\01@115258 by Larry Williams

'[PIC] The ultimate PIC dev kit?'
2006\03\24@145736 by Mike Hord
2006\03\24@165832 by William Chops Westfield
2006\03\29@143951 by Howard Winter
2006\03\29@153112 by Danny Sauer
2006\03\29@154952 by Bob Blick
2006\03\29@161913 by Howard Winter
2006\03\29@170147 by Danny Sauer
2006\03\30@002510 by William Chops Westfield

'[EE]: Favourite multimeter test lead kit?'
2006\07\27@041438 by Philip Pemberton
2006\07\27@072311 by John Chung
2006\07\27@105542 by Gus S Calabrese
2006\07\27@113549 by Matt Pobursky
2006\07\27@133703 by Brooke Clarke
2006\07\27@135215 by Michael Dipperstein
2006\07\27@142903 by Philip Pemberton
2006\07\27@151332 by Gerhard Fiedler
2006\07\27@161339 by Philip Pemberton
2006\07\27@223756 by John Chung
2006\07\28@135216 by Ling SM
2006\07\28@140734 by Philip Pemberton
2006\07\28@155458 by John Chung
2006\07\29@004003 by Ling SM
2006\07\29@004956 by Ling SM
2006\07\29@043006 by John Chung

'MPJA Micro Controller Training Kit?'
2007\04\11@121535 by Brooke Clarke
2007\04\11@150700 by Barry Gershenfeld
2007\04\11@160746 by Randy Glenn
2007\04\11@160917 by Randy Glenn
2007\04\13@214546 by Bill L
2007\04\14@004222 by John Chung

'[EE] Cheap E-Ink hacking kit?'
2008\07\22@184357 by piclist
2008\07\22@195658 by Marc Nicholas
2008\07\22@204725 by Bob Blick
2008\07\22@225105 by Dr Skip
2008\07\22@232607 by cdb
2008\07\23@040608 by Alan B. Pearce
2008\07\23@113322 by Bob Blick
2008\07\23@140350 by Martin
2008\07\24@111303 by Alan B. Pearce

'[PIC] Microchip RFID dev kit?'
2009\03\19@183356 by Vitaliy
2009\03\19@225417 by Herbert Graf
2009\03\19@234853 by Vitaliy
2009\03\20@014707 by Jinx
2009\03\20@092743 by Jeff Anno
2009\03\20@152634 by Vitaliy
2009\03\20@170041 by Jinx

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