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'install linux'
1999\03\30@161700 by Ryan Pogge

well first step is to goto the bookstore at the mall
and snach the redhat 5.2 CD from the back of the
LiNUX for Dummies second edition book. =]

or buy it if you preffer.... but its freeware
so I think snatching it is OK....  JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok anyway thats the easiest way unless you are on a T1 and can dl it
anyway then you just have to make the boot disk images with rawrite
rawrite and the disk images are all on the CD... then just boot of the
boot disk and follow instructions.. Red Hat is realy easy to install..
it comes with KDE also...which is nice beacause it has a bunch
of nice tools, includeing KPPP which is a dial up networking
type utility, which makes setting up you dial up account a snap...

then the best way to get your questions answered about linux
related problems/etc. is to go on IRC and go into a linux channel...
and also read the book of course!

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