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'i2c bootloader'
2007\11\03@020406 by John Coppens

Hello people.

With my students we're trying to make a simple payload for a balloon
experiment. One of the parts is an f873a which will receive commands
through i2c. It has all its other pins occupied so I wanted to implement
a bootloader through the i2c to make development easier.

I've tried to modify microchip's boot serial loader by changing the
comm routines into i2c ones (also based on an appnote). Reception seems
to work, transmission doesn't.

I wonder if anyone has an i2c bootloader laying around, or maybe just
some code which uses the MSSP in non-interrupt i2c-mode. Or
just any suggestion where to look would be welcome. I think I visited
most of the googgle's knowledge on the issue.

I could post the code I have, but it's a bit long...

Thanks in advance,

2007\11\03@133521 by Funny NYPD

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I believe you might get a "middle device" to translate the hex file to I2C signal. If there is one, could you pay a little attention on the ACK signal on your "middle device"?

If you are using another PIC uc as the “middle device”, you might need add a resistor between the two uc's I2C line. This will slow the signal rising rate and let the receiver side pick the signal correctly.

My personally experience with PICs is I never use its MSSP design other than some SPI master implementation (my colleges got way too many lessons on SPI slaves, and I2C). The MSSP designs on PICs are so poor, the errata on MSSP module of all PIC family seems endless.

So, please check the errata on Microchip web for the chips you are using.

Best wish,

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2007\11\03@162930 by Peter Todd

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On Sat, Nov 03, 2007 at 03:04:01AM -0300, John Coppens wrote:
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I do, I wrote it originally for the pic16f818 for my 8² Automaton project. In
it I have 64 stepper motors, each controlled by a 16f818 linked to a master
node via an i2c network.

You can get the code from my website at

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