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'hobbyist wanted [commercial request]'
1998\01\11@235110 by FScalini

picon face
Hi everybody,

I am developing a machine that will use a PIC as the controller but my
software and hardware experience is very limited.  I am looking for a hobbyist
or part-timer out there that may want to get involved in this project.

Do for fun, not for money:   This is a home-based company and the budget is
very tight so can't pay anything upfront but am willing to pay modestly if
project commercializes successfully.  Project involves controlling x-y
movement and a couple of pumps and valves along with an LCD and keypad.  Will
be fun to work on and I will provide the hardware.  Southern California area

Please email me directly.  Thank you.

1998\01\12@230340 by Philip Starbuck

I've been known to take on a project now and then that interests me.  I
have a small design company that does PIC systems design from small
projects for individuals to large production development, to aircraft
instruments for NASA at Edwards AFB, and more.  Why don't you give me some
information on what you're looking for and I'll see what I may be able to

Philip Starbuck

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Philip Starbuck
(909) 792-7917

"There are three principal ways to lose money.  Wine, women, and engineers.
While the first two are more pleasant the third is by far the more certain."
                                               -- Baron Rothschild
                                                       ca. 1860

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