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'high speed digital I/O'
1999\10\02@081531 by Ozgur Orman


       I'm looking for a high speed ( >4 Msample/s ) and high pin
       count ( > 32 ) dynamic I/O device, also it is used on PCI
       bus. I found one in National Instruments but it seems not
       a perfect solution, because it has only 32 lines but I need
       more. Could you please refere me any device that satisfys this

                       Ozgur D. Orman
                       Tel:(+90) 262 6481156
                       Fax:(+90) 262 6464717
                       TUBITAK Marmara Research Center
                       Electronics Institute 41470
                       Gebze, Kocaeli TURKEY

1999\10\02@213443 by Keith Causey

picon face
>         I'm looking for a high speed ( >4 Msample/s ) and high pin
>         count ( > 32 ) dynamic I/O device,

Scenix makes a 50mhz, 20ns per instruction controller called the SX52 and is
has, you guessed it, 52 lines of digital I/O. It is also In System
Programmable. I strongly recommend examining their product line.

1999\10\04@160701 by eplus1

The Scenix SX 48 or 52 has 48 or 52 pins on the package with 5, 8 bit ports
(A-E) for 40 io pins; not 52. Some pins are osc, /mclr, power, etc... They
are really nice chips, if you can stand smt. See:

James Newton phone:1-619-652-0593)
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