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'help me help The Long Now Foundation earn $2'
1998\11\21@063213 by eng-jds

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Dear PIC list,

I have been supporting a cause I care a great deal
about, The Long Now Foundation, at no cost to me or to them,
through a new website called eyegive.

If you sign up, just for signing up, The Long Now Foundation earns $2.
This happens only if you sign up before midnight, 11/15/98.

With just a few moments a day, I browse the eyegive page, and money from
advertisers on it goes to help The Long Now Foundation.

eyegive also has an online store, where the merchants offer great deals,
and contribute a percentage of the purchase price to my cause.

The typical eyegive member can therefore raise $10, $20, even $50 or $100 per ye
ar for their favorite cause just by browsing and shopping through eyegive, at no
cost to your or your favorite cause.  This is a good deal, and it helps do good
.  If we all get together, we can do a lot of good!

I am writing to ask you to try eyegive, and help me help The Long Now Foundation
.  You can do so by clicking
and registering, which only takes a few minutes.  (You can 'cut and paste' this
address into your browser, also).

I hope you'll take a look at eyegive the next time you have an online moment.  N
ow, those online moments can do good.  (And, if The Long Now Foundation isn't yo
ur cup of tea, you can select another, or even list YOUR favorite.)

Thank you.

John Stockbridge

P.S.: Hey - this is amazing so I wanted to get you in on it too. You can choose
any charity your like (I was supporting GreenPeace) an then set it up as your ho

The default is my current Non-Profit "The Long Now Foundation", which are raisin
g funds to build a millinium clock and libary repository in a remote sercure loc
ation. << check it out!

Please feel free to kick my butt for going "Off Topic" and "out of the blue".

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