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'fcc testing cost'
1998\01\26@193745 by operator

Does anyone have a rough idea on the cost for FCC testing Part 68 & 15b on a
modem board for use in the US?

1998\01\27@084108 by Mcorio

picon face
The FCC will gladly provide you a list of approved test sites in the U.S. and
they will give you their rates (we just did this recently). You can search for
the FCC web site to contact them.  If you have trouble getting in touch with
them, e-mail me privately and let me know your geographic location and I will
reply with the names and numbers of those nearest you. Good-Luck.

Mark A. Corio
Rochester MicroSystems, Inc.
200 Buell Road, Suite 9
Rochester, NY  14624
Tel: 716-328-5850
Fax: 716-328-1144
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