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'fast data transmission to a PIC based system'
2005\02\21@100736 by Palmed GmbH

Hello, Picers,

with a new project I have the problem that I have to transfer 1MB of data
from a PC to a PIC based device, the data have to be stored in a SRAM.

Up to now I only worked with RS-232 at 9600 Baud, but this would result in
endless transmission times.

Has anybody ever realized a fast transmission to a PIC?

I know about the very fast USB, but when using a USB to RS232 converter I
would bring down the speed to RS232 level.

Is there a chance to use I2C? If yes, are there any converters from any PC
port (parallel, USB, whatever) to I2C?

Any help greatly welcome.

Best regards


2005\02\21@102321 by Harold Hallikainen

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I very frequently do simultaneous transmission and reception on 18 series
PICs at 250kbps. My current project is doing simultaneous transmission and
reception of 250kbps through an external parallel interface uart and then
500kbps throught the PIC uart to a Silicon Labs serial to USB chip.  So,
it can be done!


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2005\02\21@102726 by Josh Koffman

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I haven't tried this, but many USB-RS232 convertors will run a higher
than normal speeds. Also, there are USB-Parallel chips that might
work. 1MB is a fair chunk of data though, I wouldn't expect it to
travel in an instant.

I2C might work, but I think it will end up harder on the PC side.

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On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 16:07:07 +0100, Palmed GmbH <> wrote:
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