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PICList Thread
'experimental pic list (5/9/94) '
1994\05\09@122329 by jory

face picon face
A few months back, I solicited interest in an email list covering pic
(uchip) microcontrollers. A fair number of people responded positively.

After much slothage, I finally got something set up:

A few things:

1. This list could go away at any time.

2. For the time being, please send list addition/removal requests to the
list iteself. Within the week, there should be a separate address to deal
with administrative issues.

3. It may take a few days to get added-to/removed-from the list. Your
patience is appreciated.

4. Please don't widely publicize the list until the
administration/operational details are finalized later this week.

-jory bell

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