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'embedded conference'
1997\08\14@111824 by Dale Severns

Hello All,

 So when & where is the Embedded Systems Conference ??????


    Dale S.

1997\08\14@124045 by Walter Banks

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> From: Dale Severns <spam_OUTdales899TakeThisOuTspamCDSNET.NET>
> To: .....PICLISTKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
> Subject: embedded conference
> Date: Thursday, August 14, 1997 11:17 AM
>   So when & where is the Embedded Systems Conference ??????

San Jose, CA  Convention Center September 29 to October 2 1997.
For details look at any current issue of Embedded Systems Programmingh

Walter Banks

1997\08\14@134251 by Rick Sherman

For more info on the Embedded Systems Conference check:

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