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'disassembler for 12c509'
1999\08\20@190522 by Andre Abelian

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Hi to all engineers.

Does any one know any good disassembler for base line family ?


1999\08\23@143624 by Andre Abelian

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Hi to all ,

thank you for your recommendations.
I tried MPLAB disassembler I saved it as asm file it works
but the problem is I have got computer generated labels
started 0 to 1053 is there easy way of changing hex labels to normal label
or I have to it by hand Find replace etc?.


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1999\08\23@151552 by Adam Davis

When an ASM file is assembled, the labels are not included in the resulting HEX
file, and are not stored on chip.  Instead, the assembler determines where the
labels would go, and all references are changed to point to the program location
where the label _was_.  Dissassemblers cannot guess what the labels were, only
that there probably were labels where jumps occur.

So the short answer is, no, there is no easy way to replace them with useful
labels, you need to determine what labels to put, and where to put them.

Alternately, ask the author for the original source (the preferred method,
anyway).  I know I would be thrilled to know that someone was interested in my
code.  (more specifically, I'd be thrilled to find out how they broke CP... ;-)


Andre Abelian wrote:
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> {Original Message removed}

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