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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'The Corrupted Interrupt'
1997\11\05@044226 by x93celsnak
1997\11\05@054240 by Andrew Warren
1997\11\05@114520 by Bob Fehrenbach

'[OT]: Bios corrupted. Is Award file an image of c'
2002\05\28@042445 by SM Ling
2002\05\28@053359 by Mlodzianowski Janusz
'[OT]: Bios corrupted. Is Award file an image of ch'
2002\05\28@150758 by jim
2002\05\28@173024 by Matt Pobursky
2002\05\28@210612 by SM Ling

'Corrupted flash on 877'
2002\11\04@191939 by Eric Bohlman
2002\11\05@024740 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2002\11\05@223434 by Eric Bohlman
2002\11\08@134020 by Eric Bohlman
2002\11\10@071732 by Roman Black
2002\11\14@033618 by Eric Bohlman

'[PIC:] uDev version 0D file corrupted'
2003\09\23@152459 by Colombain Nicolas

'[admin]: Email headers corrupted'
2004\09\15@140007 by olin_piclist

'[OT] I hate corrupted files!'
2005\08\16@200859 by Sean Schouten
2005\08\16@202427 by David Van Horn
2005\08\16@214316 by Howard Winter
2005\08\17@063329 by Sean Schouten
2005\08\17@100416 by John Ferrell

'[PIC] 16F parts flash being corrupted in power cyc'
2006\07\28@164607 by Gerry Duprey
2006\07\28@170620 by Bob Axtell
2006\07\28@170759 by John Temples
2006\07\28@215032 by Gerry Duprey
2006\07\28@215111 by Gerry Duprey
2006\07\29@024819 by Bob Axtell
2006\07\29@062359 by Mike Harrison
2006\07\29@095717 by Maarten Hofman
2006\07\29@102538 by Bob Axtell
2006\07\29@102723 by Gerry Duprey
2006\07\29@103142 by Gerry Duprey
2006\07\29@103453 by Gerry Duprey
2006\07\29@103644 by Gerry Duprey
2006\07\29@105424 by Bob Axtell
2006\07\29@110342 by Mike Harrison

'[PIC] 16F parts flash being corrupted in power cyc'
2006\08\03@205855 by GK13
2006\08\12@164037 by Wouter van Ooijen
2006\08\14@201523 by GK13

'[PIC] 16F887 and corrupted RAM/EEPROM'
2008\06\17@010748 by alan smith
2008\06\17@010749 by alan smith
2008\06\17@025840 by John Temples
2008\06\17@035249 by Jinx
2008\06\17@073424 by Alan B. Pearce
2008\06\17@092021 by alan smith
2008\06\17@093634 by olin piclist
2008\06\17@094934 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2008\06\17@095052 by alan smith
2008\06\17@095319 by alan smith
2008\06\17@103535 by Tamas Rudnai
2008\06\17@104930 by Alan B. Pearce
2008\06\17@110032 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2008\06\17@110153 by olin piclist
2008\06\17@112154 by Wouter van Ooijen
2008\06\17@112522 by Wouter van Ooijen
2008\06\17@113857 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2008\06\17@114800 by olin piclist
2008\06\17@115712 by Tamas Rudnai
2008\06\17@123754 by olin piclist
2008\06\17@133535 by Wouter van Ooijen
2008\06\17@133631 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2008\06\17@133843 by Wouter van Ooijen
2008\06\17@135835 by Tamas Rudnai
2008\06\17@140431 by Tamas Rudnai
2008\06\17@141821 by olin piclist
2008\06\18@123059 by Bob Ammerman
2008\06\18@134833 by Spehro Pefhany
2008\06\18@154807 by Bob Axtell
2008\06\19@070712 by olin piclist
2008\06\19@073315 by Apptech
2008\06\19@084823 by olin piclist

'[SX] __PARAMCNT or __PARAMn value corrupted on use'
2010\01\01@182616 by slcottn/a
2010\01\02@085712 by Zootn/a

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