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'communication PIC-PC via 1 line (I say : why compl'
1995\04\04@080426 by Conny Andersson

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Hello Siegfried

Let me guess ... you have only one pin available for the serial transfer?
If you have two or more pins there's no point in using only one pin (except
for the fun of it of course).

Have you tried to make one port pin work as two port pins?
Let's say you need a serial input line and input from a photodetector.
If these two tasks never interfere with each other, then you can use one
input pin to read two devices. If you have this in mind while constructing
the hardware, then there's no problem. (I don't know how often you can
use a solution like this, but I did in a recent design.)

photodetector, active low  ---------------------+
                                              /\   <-- DIODE (low Vf)
serial input line, active low ---|RESISTOR|-----+----------- PIC port pin

Conny Andersson / LiTH

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