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'circuit simulaion & electronic design software'
1998\10\14@002140 by Jon Petty

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Can anyone recommend an electronic circuit software simulation i.e.

Has anyone used the DeskTech electronic design system?



1998\10\14@025122 by Tom Handley

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  Jon, I use Electronics Workbench v5.10 and I'm happy with it. I've
run a lot of vendor's SPICE models (TI, MAX, Linear Tech, etc) and the
results are very accurate. For more info, check:

  - Tom

At 12:02 AM 10/14/98 EDT, Jon Petty wrote:
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1998\10\14@100744 by marbel

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Hello Tom i just got ewb 5.0c could not upgrade it because it is on floppy's .
i needed the 40103 witch was purposed to be in the package well it
was not but still being advertised on their web site i complained
about this now they removed the part from the web page but i still don't know
how to get this part or how to create one and the spice models from philips
seem to crash EWB
Can you advice me on this.

Thank's for all the reactions on the surounding light problem

Electronic Workshop Scoop

Tom Handley wrote:
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