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'card reading'
1998\11\23@080729 by Alessandro Zummo

Hi piclisters.

I've got a motorized 3-tracks magnetic card reader
and obviously i don't have the docs :-(
it ha a 26 pn connector and some ic on it..
most of them are 40xx cmso logic, while
two of them are chips related to
the control of the motor...there are
three chips left:

64H107 and two M54916

i think they're involved in the F2F decoder,
but i was unable to find any info on them...
the manufacturer logo is a strange "S"
and they're produced in japan (at least the 64H107)
which is drawed in a reversed fashion on the 64H107

Anyone can help me? i would like
to control it from a pic...


  - *Alex* -

1998\11\24@040903 by Russell McMahon

picon face

This MAY help -

- From the described complexity it almost certainly puts out decoded
data (plus a clock if not a serial version).
- The device probably has RS232 or parallel output , or maybe is a
keyboard emulation which plugs in between keyboard and PC etc.
- Try to work out which from any connectors.
- Work out power supply connections - look at IC's, electrolytic
filter capacitors etc - there will probably be an on-board regulator.
- Apply power - to regulator input if you find one. To 5v rail if no
regulator. Chances are it WILL be 5v but other is possible but
unlikely in any except newest equipment.
- Swipe card. look for output signals - an oscilloscope is near
essential here. If out put is on a single line it is serial, probably
8 or possibly 7 bit data. If it's a parallel unit you might have n
data bits and a clock/strobe.

Hope this helps. Have fun.

   Russell McMahon

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