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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Magnetic Card readers & PIC's'
1994\07\15@103926 by ttkk
1994\07\15@133238 by mbmoore

'Be careful...'
1995\09\08@142359 by stephen parkinson

'Which PIC for basic remote radio freq. car starter'
1995\10\16@203433 by Patrick S. Coutu
1995\10\17@025253 by Marc Laclair
'Car Starter!'
1995\10\17@050222 by Don McKenzie
'Which PIC for basic remote radio freq. car starter'
1995\10\17@195450 by mlk

'Smartcard discussion group'
1996\05\16@095853 by Adrian Clinciu

'PIC Smartcards ???'
1996\07\01@113332 by Pdr Ligander
1996\07\01@130313 by Tom Crane
'Gettin' the card'
1996\07\19@001116 by hoss karoly
1996\07\19@041316 by Don McKenzie

'info refcard'
1996\08\18@213318 by John Offord

'PCMCIA Cards'
1996\09\12@140346 by Luis Fernandez
1996\09\12@221445 by eds

'`test pls discard'
1996\10\15@214717 by Juan Jose Abba

'PIC interface with ISO-7816 Smart Card'
1996\11\04@020416 by Chong Wei Pang
1996\11\05@070454 by Francesco Loconte
1996\11\05@085538 by Luigi Rizzo
1996\11\06@113512 by Francesco Loconte
'ProPic 2.4 WARNING, DO NOT USE! (Take extreme care'
1996\11\29@111415 by Antti Lukats
1996\11\29@130915 by Octavio Nogueira

'car theft'
1996\12\11@200159 by NELSON JOHN E
1996\12\11@200608 by NELSON JOHN E
1996\12\11@205624 by Chuck McManis
1996\12\11@211938 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\12\12@005200 by Dave Mullenix

'Subtraction Carry (was Complements (no not thanks)'
1997\01\22@142638 by Byon Garrabrant
1997\01\22@163242 by Bob Fehrenbach
1997\01\22@192508 by Walter Banks
1997\01\23@051006 by fastfwd
1997\01\30@223650 by Lauw Lim Un Tung

'Looking for Electronic Reference Card'
1997\02\18@192734 by ags
'reference card'
1997\02\19@085523 by Clewer,Brian
1997\02\19@141214 by Scott Fink
1997\02\19@145940 by Craig Knotts
1997\02\19@163526 by Scott Fink
1997\02\19@180213 by Craig Knotts
1997\02\20@062416 by mike
'Looking for Electronic Reference Card'
1997\02\20@085554 by Luigi Rizzo
'Re[3]: reference card'
1997\02\20@124909 by Dwayne Reid
1997\02\20@221106 by Eric Smith
'smart card'
1997\02\25@125443 by itibm3vz
1997\02\25@132042 by Antti Lukats
1997\02\25@171103 by daniel perry
'PIC pirate cards (was: RE: smartcards)'
1997\02\26@100751 by Glenn Johansson
'Your non-decodable e-mail (was `PIC pirate cards ('
1997\02\26@101839 by Jim Darby
1997\02\26@150142 by Doug Claar
1997\02\26@154106 by Peer Ouwehand

'Rs-232 Data adquisition card'
1997\04\28@024531 by Eugenio Martin Cuenca
1997\04\28@202238 by Andrew Russell Morris

'ISA Cards'
1997\05\02@085451 by Paul Kolesnikoff
1997\05\02@102645 by Steve Landas
1997\05\02@121248 by Harold Hallikainen
1997\05\02@160226 by Jussi VainionpŠŠ
1997\05\02@175601 by Lee Jones
1997\05\02@211226 by J.P.D. Kooij
1997\05\05@153042 by Daniel Holt
'Off Topic - PC Add-on card based oscilloscope & lo'
1997\05\05@202401 by ang (Chee Foon Tiang)
1997\05\05@214331 by wft
1997\05\05@224855 by Sarunas Cepulis

'WTB: Picmaster PC interface card'
1997\07\10@151308 by rzeff
'PIC career oportunity'
1997\07\30@194950 by Pioneer Microsystems
1997\07\31@135820 by Andy Kunz

'PC Prototype Card. OFF TOPIC.'
1997\08\08@162231 by Francesco Cembrola
1997\08\09@012527 by Michael S. Hagberg
'Magnetic card reader.'
1997\08\19@030559 by Poul Bundgaard
1997\08\19@074727 by Glenn Johansson
1997\08\19@104131 by KcW
'Smart cards'
1997\08\19@201826 by Rick Trostel
1997\08\19@204310 by WF AUTOMA‚ÌO
1997\08\19@204704 by .EDU>
'PIC1684 smart card'
1997\08\20@115905 by Glenn Johansson
'Smart cards'
1997\08\20@115917 by Glenn Johansson
'Magnetic card reader.'
1997\08\20@132551 by ame
'Smart cards'
1997\08\20@132936 by Tim Kerby
'Has to be..magnetic card reader.'
1997\08\20@141456 by Poul Bundgaard
'Smart cards'
1997\08\20@183427 by David Bramham
'Datasheet for PIC16F84 wafercard'
1997\08\21@035722 by Arne Hedevang
1997\08\21@062444 by Antti Lukats
'Magnetic card reader.'
1997\08\21@194633 by blunn
'Smart cards'
1997\08\21@214742 by .EDU>
1997\08\22@080242 by rlunn
'Datasheet for PIC16F84 wafercard'
1997\08\22@104741 by Glenn Johansson
'Magnetic card reader.'
1997\08\22@110327 by KcW
'Smart cards'
1997\08\22@132807 by .EDU>
'Smart cards - FerroElectric - Aye ?'
1997\08\22@135846 by Mike
1997\08\23@023356 by John Payson
'Magnetic card reader.'
1997\08\23@050156 by rlunn
1997\08\23@065540 by mikesmith_oz
'Smart cards'
1997\08\24@024644 by rlunn
1997\08\25@131724 by Marc 'Nepomuk' Heuler
'Smart cards - FerroElectric - Aye ?'
1997\08\25@200735 by .EDU>
'PC Cards; offtopic'
1997\08\30@191755 by Louis Marquette
1997\08\31@111432 by myke predko

'PC Cards; offtopic'
1997\09\01@082602 by Gary Sutcliffe
'PC Cards; now on topic'
1997\09\03@080348 by Gary Sutcliffe
'Tell about your PIC1684 SMARTCARD projects!'
1997\09\21@180422 by Glenn Johansson
'Complementing Carry'
1997\09\26@211531 by STEENKAMP [M.ING E&E]
1997\09\26@234735 by Dmitry Kiryashov
1997\09\27@010158 by John Payson
1997\09\27@010849 by Andrew Warren
1997\09\28@125310 by Michael S. Hagberg
1997\09\28@142424 by Mike Keitz
'[OT] SmartCards'
1997\09\29@061630 by Herbert Baar
1997\09\29@073406 by obo (Ingenieria Fotonica)
'Complementing Carry'
1997\09\29@095714 by Martin R. Green
1997\09\29@111200 by Martin R. Green
1997\09\29@111205 by Martin R. Green
'[OT] SmartCards'
1997\09\29@112256 by Martin R. Green
'Complementing Carry'
1997\09\29@123341 by Mike Keitz
1997\09\29@140328 by John Payson
1997\09\29@174640 by Mike Keitz
1997\09\30@121635 by Michael S. Hagberg

'Digit Carry (was: "Re: another q from the stupid n'
1997\10\09@192722 by Andrew Warren
1997\10\09@202526 by Herbert Graf
'magnetic card reader'
1997\10\12@103606 by Aaron Hickman
1997\10\13@125428 by ame
'Carbon Monoxide Detector'
1997\10\29@124931 by Steven M. Davidson
1997\10\29@135051 by John Payson
1997\10\29@135924 by Jason Wolfson
1997\10\29@205538 by Craig R. Autio
'Carbon Monoxide Detector [ot]'
1997\10\30@062928 by Mike Smith
1997\10\30@070253 by tjaart
1997\10\30@070501 by wilson
1997\10\30@102351 by Harrison Cooper
1997\10\30@112628 by David W. Duley
1997\10\30@121812 by GERRY COX
1997\10\30@131838 by Tim Kerby
1997\10\30@143527 by John Payson
1997\10\30@171625 by myke predko
1997\10\30@220114 by Alberto Smulders
1997\10\31@045549 by Pasi T Mustalahti
1997\10\31@050417 by Pasi T Mustalahti
'[OT]Re: Carbon Monoxide Detector'
1997\10\31@072330 by Luis Fernandez

'Carbon Monoxide Detector-end'
1997\11\02@134527 by Steven M. Davidson
'Clearing the Carry (was: "Re: RRF and RLF instruct'
1997\11\04@153022 by Andrew Warren
1997\11\04@160414 by ndie Ohtsji [4555]
'Looking for DSS smartcards'
1997\11\17@065947 by Said Mubarak
'Pic Processor in Celluar Phone Cards'
1997\11\18@095653 by JEPPESEN.LARS
'Looking for DSS smartcards'
1997\11\19@105745 by SHAWN ELLIS
'for smartcard info'
1997\11\19@113738 by Douglas J.A.R.Sasse
1997\11\19@115414 by WF AUTOMACAO
'Looking for DSS smartcards'
1997\11\19@143607 by Steven J Tucker

'Looking for DSS smartcards'
1997\12\01@121336 by Martin R. Green
'PIC processor in Celluar Phone Cards'
1997\12\02@102627 by JEPPESEN.LARS

'tv SCART audio input resistance'
1998\01\08@150359 by Rickard Gunie
1998\01\08@153558 by Montaigne, Mike
1998\01\08@172358 by Rickard Gunie
1998\01\08@184307 by larz
1998\01\09@003819 by Eric W. Engler
'[OT] Carrier Current Query'
1998\01\13@194957 by Martin R. Green
1998\01\13@211641 by Andrew Mayo
1998\01\14@083235 by Tom Handley
1998\01\14@144752 by )
1998\01\14@204937 by Tom Handley
1998\01\16@075719 by paulb
'[OT] Credit card reader software available'
1998\01\26@170411 by Andrew Errington

'48 line I/O cards...'
1998\02\02@095037 by Philip Cowley
1998\02\02@180836 by Mark Griebel
1998\02\03@075144 by Keith Howell
1998\02\16@075524 by Alessandro Zummo
1998\02\21@153048 by Tom Mullan
'Contactless SmartCards based on MIFARE'
1998\02\23@092924 by Peter Baines

'Contactless SmartCards based on MIFARE'
1998\03\05@023511 by nafpoc
'Car tach'
1998\03\09@153540 by Allen Demers
1998\03\09@193006 by TONY NIXON 54964
1998\03\12@204239 by wayne galaugher
'Magnetic Card Reader Project advice sought'
1998\03\24@063911 by John Smith
1998\03\24@131428 by Sean Breheny
1998\03\24@132049 by Brad Stockdale
1998\03\24@133931 by arvidj
1998\03\24@171634 by Aaron Hickman
1998\03\24@181347 by Sean Breheny
1998\03\25@013513 by Michael Ghormley
1998\03\25@032036 by wft
1998\03\26@022623 by paulb
'Car tacho'
1998\03\30@080119 by Shity kitten for sale
1998\03\30@132726 by Alastair
1998\03\30@132726 by Alastair
1998\03\31@215927 by TONY NIXON 54964
1998\03\31@221017 by Allen Demers

'Car tacho'
1998\04\01@024315 by Ing. Andreas Pockberger
1998\04\02@030823 by Brett Paulin
'Car tacho / Lawn mower tach'
1998\04\02@120715 by Michael Hagberg
'R: Re: Car tacho / Lawn mower tach'
1998\04\02@184858 by Dr. Leonardo De Palo
'[OT] Car tacho / Lawn mower tach'
1998\04\02@204952 by Mike Keitz
1998\04\03@040838 by Michael Ghormley
1998\04\03@064943 by Andy Kunz
1998\04\03@070641 by Hardy e/ou Rafael Pinto
1998\04\03@091747 by mike
1998\04\03@091752 by Oyvind Kaurstad
1998\04\03@094643 by Jon Baker
1998\04\03@111627 by GERRY COX
1998\04\03@120033 by 'Grif' w. keith griffith
1998\04\03@120245 by Mike Keitz
1998\04\03@121705 by Richard Nowak
'Detect carrier/modulation'
1998\04\03@143417 by William Rhoads
'[OT] Car tacho / Lawn mower tach'
1998\04\03@153502 by Hardy e/ou Rafael Pinto
1998\04\03@181656 by RICHARD SKINNER

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