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'caller-id, was Re: LED matrix multiplexing (Correc'
1996\11\23@213824 by aab

>    Here in North America, caller ID information is sent as standard 1200 baud
>    ASCII text between the first and second ring.  The signals are exactly like
>    the ones used by your 1200 baud modem.

>I haven't used a 1200bps modem in about 15 years.  Can you even put a modern
>modem (ie, the 2400bps ones you can get for $10 surplus?) into a dedicated
>1200bps mode where it won't need to train/etc before receiving digits?

Modern modems decode caller id directly. The tones occur between the
first and second ring so no retrain is necessary.

The caller id decoder kits available consist of a Motorola MC145447P
caller id decoder chip and a MAX232 RS-232 driver. The 145447 could
be hooked to a pic software or hardware UART (there I mentioned PICs :-)

Best regards,
Andy Burgess

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