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'burning SOIC parts'
1997\05\02@080602 by Harrison Cooper

Is there any adapters outthere for the PicStarts that will allow you to
burn surface mount parts? Or any that has a burner that will accept small
quantity orders for burning these (in the states). I do have access to a
Data I/O, but hate to depend on always having access to it, if I decide to
design using surface mount.  I need a backup....Bell? are you here and
listening?  The quantities I am talking about do not justify a masked version,
and would typically want to only burn about 20 parts per quarter.

1997\05\04@193038 by TONY NIXON 54964

picon face
I needed to 'burn' some SMT devices, but didn't have an adaptor to
suit. These are fairly expensive and I couldn't justify the cost.

To get around the problem, I bought a SMT test probe. This just clips
onto the SMT device in a piggyback fashion. I then soldered the
neccessary wires from the clip terminals to a Dual In Line header
which plugs into the programmer socket. You can then program
the device in the normal way.


Just when I thought I knew it all,
I learned that I didn't.

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