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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Binary Chain Codes'
1995\05\23@131558 by mlk
1995\05\23@180957 by Walter Anderson, C.D.P.
1995\05\23@182513 by mlk
1995\05\23@235424 by Doug Sellner
1995\05\24@042948 by S_GROB
1995\05\24@065212 by S_GROB
1995\05\25@053414 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1995\05\25@213836 by mlk
1995\05\31@041804 by S_GROB

'4-Digit BCD to Binary Conversion'
1995\08\16@021449 by Andrew Warren
1995\08\16@215207 by Andrew Warren
'Andy's Annual Challenge #2: 10-Bit Binary-to-BCD '
1995\08\25@010125 by Andrew Warren
'Binary-to-BCD Challenge'
1995\08\26@121517 by Andrew Warren
1995\08\27@012242 by Andrew Warren

'Pic binaries and MIME and base64'
1995\10\13@094302 by Kalle Pihlajasaari

'Robin Abbott's PIC Programmer'
1995\12\18@080629 by Danny Stemmet.
1995\12\18@131403 by Robin Abbott

'Binary Postings and Attachments'
1996\05\27@075048 by Smith, Blair

'Ascii to binary conversion'
1996\07\12@133550 by mike
1996\07\12@164953 by Doug Manzer
1996\07\12@174158 by Martin J. Maney
1996\07\12@180328 by fastfwd
1996\07\14@024039 by Rich Leggitt

1996\09\22@100352 by Geoff Kula

'Binaries in PICLIST'
1996\10\01@004335 by David Negro
'Anyone have 32 bit Binary to Ascii conversion code'
1996\10\02@114101 by Ted Linn
1996\10\05@152709 by Ted Linn
1996\10\06@163438 by nogueira

'Routine to convert 16-bit binary to decimal'
1996\11\07@205530 by John Payson
1996\11\11@123725 by Scott Dattalo
1996\11\11@141923 by Luis Eduardo Favre
1996\11\11@150521 by John Payson
'Christmas Lights and Binaries in General...'
1996\11\26@211740 by Robert Lunn
1996\11\26@213850 by peter
1996\11\27@111845 by Luckjiff Glen
1996\11\28@074345 by peter

'Binary to Decimal output ???'
1997\02\17@225304 by Bob Segrest
1997\02\18@090300 by eroen Ommering
1997\02\18@090305 by Andy Kunz
1997\02\18@094722 by Bob Fehrenbach

'Binary to BCD'
1997\03\03@211117 by John Dammeyer
1997\03\04@004247 by Steve Hardy
1997\03\04@030036 by John Dammeyer
1997\03\04@095515 by Andy Kunz
1997\03\04@191430 by Steve Hardy
1997\03\05@040521 by John Dammeyer
1997\03\05@052040 by Andrew Warren
1997\03\05@174655 by John Dammeyer
1997\03\05@183315 by sdattalo
'Ouch! More bin2bcd code -- how about a contest?'
1997\03\06@050616 by Frank A. Vostenbosch
'All those binary-bcd converting routines, here's m'
1997\03\06@075447 by Frank A. Vostenbosch
'Ouch! More bin2bcd code -- how about a contest?'
1997\03\06@083821 by Hamilton Feltman
'Binary to BCD'
1997\03\06@100304 by Site Y
'16c74 control with I2C Combined format'
1997\03\12@054032 by FrankT
1997\03\12@064720 by Mike Harrison
'bing !! bong !!'
1997\03\17@062721 by Kerzer Computers
1997\03\18@092133 by Blanco, Sergio
'Sending Binary Attachments to the PICLIST (was: "R'
1997\03\28@151800 by Andrew Warren
1997\03\29@130442 by Mark A. Corio
1997\03\31@082814 by Peter J (GEA, 068974)
1997\03\31@105551 by peter

'Sending Binary Attachments to the PICLIST (was: "R'
1997\04\02@032813 by Kieran Sullivan
1997\04\02@040537 by Mike

'help ... 3 digit ascii from 8 bit binary'
1997\05\04@191757 by Dave Birchall
1997\05\05@011923 by Mike Smith
1997\05\05@052450 by Mike Ghormley
1997\05\05@081705 by Andrew Warren
1997\05\05@103040 by n/a
1997\05\06@052805 by Mike Ghormley
1997\05\06@064914 by Andrew Warren
'Combining Microchip and Parallax Source Code'
1997\05\27@111953 by Ted Linn
1997\05\27@150747 by Ted Linn

'Help-help-help algorithm for binary to BCD'
1997\06\13@005031 by Jagath Ekanayake
'Bin to BCD'
1997\06\25@051958 by David BALDWIN
1997\06\25@054728 by Andrew Warren
1997\06\25@064905 by David BALDWIN

'About how to display binary numbers'
1997\08\06@154218 by Jose Antonio Noda
1997\08\06@161042 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
1997\08\06@161046 by WF AUTOMA‚̀O
1997\08\06@164358 by Jose Antonio Noda
1997\08\07@012231 by Mike Keitz
1997\08\07@030143 by David BALDWIN
1997\08\07@085041 by Jose Antonio Noda
1997\08\07@085046 by Jose Antonio Noda
'regarding unsubscribing (funny)'
1997\08\15@102347 by Tim Drury
1997\08\15@112043 by Roger Books
'POSSIBLE- Solution to UnSubscribing delema?'
1997\08\15@115332 by banner7
1997\08\19@210751 by anick

'bin(byte) -> semi_float(like u_law or A_law) conve'
1997\09\11@164351 by Dmitry Kiryashov
'[OT] BinHex 4.0'
1997\09\24@202323 by Lee Hewitt
1997\09\24@232231 by Hisham Abboud
1997\09\25@073437 by Alan G. Smith

1997\10\16@213236 by WF AUTOMA‚̀O
1997\10\17@065317 by Ricardo Seixas
1997\10\17@071559 by WF AUTOMA‚̀O
1997\10\17@142043 by Mike Keitz

'Binary Attachments to PICLIST Messages (was: "Re: '
1997\11\16@223549 by Andrew Warren
'Sending stupidly large binaries to the PICLIST'
1997\11\17@044739 by Frank A. Vorstenbosch
'Binary Attachments to PICLIST Messages (was: "Re: '
1997\11\17@105346 by Tom Rogers
1997\11\17@111443 by Alberto Smulders
1997\11\17@113313 by David Gould
1997\11\17@131230 by John Payson
1997\11\17@134411 by mike
1997\11\17@134416 by mike
1997\11\17@143244 by David Gould
1997\11\17@152114 by Peer Ouwehand
1997\11\17@152252 by Roger Books
1997\11\17@154916 by Eric van Es
1997\11\17@165456 by William B. Keane
1997\11\17@234849 by tjaart
'Sending large binaries'
1997\11\18@064332 by Frank A. Vorstenbosch
1997\11\18@080818 by Tom Rogers
' Sending large binaries'
1997\11\18@093624 by Roger Books
'Binary Attachments to PICLIST Messages (was: "Re: '
1997\11\18@131906 by Wayne Foletta
1997\11\18@142150 by Roger Books
1997\11\18@160255 by Matt Bonner
1997\11\18@200559 by Alex I. Torres
'Large Binary Attachments AND splitting the list'
1997\11\19@020806 by Mike Ghormley
'Binary Attachments to PICLIST'
1997\11\19@084200 by Roger Books
'Binary Attachments to PICLIST Messages (was: "Re: '
1997\11\19@163440 by paulb
'32bit binary to bcd'
1997\11\26@040917 by Mike Watson
1997\11\26@104325 by Bob Fehrenbach
1997\11\27@053203 by STEENKAMP [M.ING E&E]
1997\11\27@072026 by akdavid
1997\11\27@092216 by Mike Watson
1997\11\27@204149 by Mike Henning
1997\11\28@015442 by STEENKAMP [M.ING E&E]

'Binary-File Attachments Again (was: "Re: How do yo'
1998\01\25@180715 by Andrew Warren
1998\01\25@221532 by Lee Jones
1998\01\26@091931 by Rajnish
1998\01\27@154825 by Nigel Goodwin

'Binary trailers on MS email [OT]'
1998\02\05@110119 by John Shreffler
1998\02\11@085345 by Andy Kunz
'(OT) Advice on subscribing to US Electronics magaz'
1998\02\12@150232 by fcembrola
'OT -- unsubscribing'
1998\02\20@202232 by William Chops Westfield
'Binary transfer from Pic to PC'
1998\02\23@085424 by Steen Jensen
1998\02\23@092029 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\02\23@092439 by Peter van Hoof
1998\02\23@093550 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\02\23@095013 by Steen Jensen
1998\02\23@095338 by Morgan Olsson
1998\02\23@112029 by Peter van Hoof
1998\02\23@112042 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\02\23@112049 by Peter van Hoof
1998\02\23@135651 by Richard Nowak
1998\02\23@194226 by Morgan Olsson
1998\02\23@234842 by Richard Nowak
1998\02\24@114209 by Brian Schousek
1998\02\24@171311 by Marc Heuler
1998\02\24@184159 by paulb
'Binary to BCD'
1998\02\28@191401 by Bill Kennedy

'Binary to BCD'
1998\03\02@051214 by Peter Baines
'LCD CODE - Heath Robinson style'
1998\03\09@015024 by : Cassie Carstens
'Binary to ASCII conversion?'
1998\03\14@210745 by Calvin
1998\03\14@211526 by Richard Nowak
1998\03\15@082233 by Andy Kunz
1998\03\15@160358 by Calvin
1998\03\16@065005 by Ron Kreymborg
1998\03\16@065018 by Richard Nowak
1998\03\16@072150 by Mark Lezama
'32 bits binary to BCD convert?'
1998\03\16@150008 by Malone
1998\03\16@160344 by Bob Fehrenbach
1998\03\16@182836 by Mike Keitz
'Binary to ASCII conversion?'
1998\03\16@183129 by Ron Kreymborg
'32 bits binary to BCD convert?'
1998\03\17@092317 by Ron Kreymborg
1998\03\17@142836 by Mike Keitz
'BCD calculation and 8-bit binary to BCD'
1998\03\17@202945 by Adi Linden
'32 bits binary to BCD convert?'
1998\03\17@202952 by rank A. Vorstenbosch
'BCD calculation and 8-bit binary to BCD'
1998\03\17@220542 by sdattalo
'32 bits binary to BCD convert?'
1998\03\17@231634 by Ron Kreymborg
1998\03\17@235847 by Bob Fehrenbach

'2 digit BCD to binary conversion'
1998\04\04@114643 by TORRENS SR
1998\04\04@121840 by Mike Keitz
1998\04\05@213923 by Regulus Berdin
1998\04\06@172431 by Scott Dattalo
1998\04\06@200608 by Regulus Berdin
'SPLIT A .HEX or .BIN in 2 files.'
1998\04\17@114939 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\04\17@132325 by Michael Hagberg
1998\04\17@134009 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\04\17@135235 by Michael Hagberg
1998\04\17@135240 by William Cornutt
1998\04\17@135634 by jnlrich
1998\04\18@065544 by Andy Kunz
1998\04\20@120430 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\04\20@193324 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\04\20@210807 by Andy Kunz
1998\04\22@100338 by WF AUTOMACAO
'Binary to BCD Conversion'
1998\04\27@142103 by n Midgley
1998\04\27@224959 by Sujay Sirur
1998\04\28@005714 by Michael Hagberg
1998\04\28@005731 by Mike Keitz
1998\04\28@041452 by n Midgley
1998\04\28@071932 by Caisson
1998\04\29@060318 by n Midgley
1998\04\29@064523 by Bill Cornutt
1998\04\29@102211 by Chris Savage
1998\04\29@124732 by Mike Keitz
1998\04\29@125740 by Bill Cornutt
1998\04\29@135636 by Chris Savage
1998\04\30@110752 by Mike Keitz

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