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'best LCD character module manufacturer ? (my list '
1999\03\02@030046 by Ry Lato

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I have been working on a product for the interior of the automobile that
will include an LCD display (40x2 character). A trunk installed module
will have a 24x2 LCD display. In the past year I have been using Optrex
in prototypes. The problem with Optrex is their horrible technical
support and sales staff. They never call back and I constantly get
bounced around on their phone system. They don't offer much of an
American web site. They do provide local representative recommendations
like Pioneer, Future, etc. who are only interested in dealing with you,
if you are ready to buy massive quantities. My best hope at even
purchasing an Optrex LCD character module has been through digikey. I am
not about to scavenge the surplus catalogs in hope to find what I need.
I need to test prototypes with the LCD manufacturer I intend to use in
production. Lately, Digikey is dropping inventory, offering less of a
selection in the sizes I require. The following list describes my ideal
LCD manufacturer. Perhaps one of you can introduce my to my dream
company, or one that is close enough.

* LCD chacter modules that are of similar quality to Optrex
* The cost of a 40x2 STN high-contrast backlit transreflective display
is around $50 in small quanties, around $35 in quantities of 100.
* Manufacturer allows direct purchases of single or small quantities or
has a
rep/distributor willing to do so.
* Available in extended temperature versions (required for automotive
*  Even though I have a digital adjustment of VEE for the interior LCD,
the LCD in the trunk module does not. I would prefer a VEE adjustment
circuit using a thermistor for simplicity sake for the trunk-located
LCD. It would be great to find a manufacturer that has come up with an
optimized circuit (including thermister specs) specifically for their
LCD modules.
* A plus would be a company that offers other LED backlight colors, such
 amber or red in addition to the standard green. An LED backlight is a
 since a EL backlight would require a redesign to a more complex
 adjustment circuit.

I would appreciate any advice and opinions on the difference LCD
module manufacturers. Thanks!

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1999\03\02@140730 by Lynx {Glenn Jones}

I dont know if it helps, but mouser has LCD displays.

A member of the PI-100 Club:

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Ry Lato wrote:

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1999\03\02@143244 by Andy Kunz

>> I would appreciate any advice and opinions on the difference LCD
>> character
>> module manufacturers. Thanks!

I use Hantronix and love them.  They offer just about
everything that others have, but the price is MUCh better.


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1999\03\02@193208 by Bill Arkin

A Second on Hantronix.

-bill arkin

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1999\03\03@192722 by WILLIE W. HO

Why don't you try us,
we can supply full series of LCD module to you
if you want more information send a email request
to me, I will arrange for that !

Best Rdgs,

Willie W.HO

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