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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Demo of the MPC C compiler available'
1994\08\08@173228 by Leonard Norrgard
'pic data sheets available via ftp?'
1994\08\18@093022 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\18@094303 by crocontroller discussion list
'data sheets of PICs via ftp available?'
1994\08\19@104441 by crocontroller discussion list
'pic data sheets available via ftp?'
1994\08\31@052724 by alex
'data sheets of PICs via ftp available?'
1994\08\31@052729 by alex

'pic data sheets available via ftp?'
1994\09\01@090326 by alex

'Pictools0.8 available'
1994\12\01@044310 by crocontroller discussion list

'Endurance Software Available'
1995\02\21@195729 by Len Umina
'Circuit Cellar files "available" via WWW'
1995\02\25@184954 by Lou Sortman

'Seminar Schedule Available'
1995\03\01@122258 by Len Umina
'RESOURCE: Web interface now available'
1995\03\27@105119 by Kyler B Laird

'various (probably useless) source code available'
1995\06\07@064603 by Eric Smith

'BS2 Interpreter 16C57 DIP and circuit available?'
1995\08\18@085242 by Don McKenzie

'New list server available'
1995\09\08@162255 by Bruce Perens

'PICs available (was 16C63?)'
1995\11\21@141102 by John Magrane
1995\11\22@113203 by ken
'PIC16C71A (was PICs available (was 16C63?))'
1995\11\22@164243 by BBoles

'Microchip BBS Available thru Internet'
1996\03\13@130750 by Brian Boles
1996\03\14@054056 by Harry Tenopoulos
1996\03\14@155621 by Brian Boles
1996\03\14@171036 by Mike Riendeau
1996\03\14@174638 by Darrel Johansen
1996\03\14@180339 by Mike Riendeau

'Free Data Books -- NO LONGER AVAILABLE'
1996\05\03@011053 by Andrew Warren

'CESSIM '84 Update available for download'
1996\07\19@083013 by chris
'What is the biggest SRAM TSOP available?'
1996\07\24@105208 by Rob Roy
'PIC16C84 simulator available (C++ source)'
1996\07\26@124808 by Luigi Rizzo
1996\07\26@142836 by Eric Smith
1996\07\26@144830 by Luigi Rizzo
1996\07\26@151315 by fastfwd
'What is the biggest SRAM TSOP available?'
1996\07\29@115144 by james
1996\07\29@135416 by Tim Drury
'PIC16C84 simulator available (C++ source)'
1996\07\30@005034 by Robert Lunn

'Free data books are NO LONGER AVAILABLE'
1996\08\06@000919 by fastfwd

'Microchip PDF index available'
1996\09\01@211319 by Jim Robertson
1996\09\02@023906 by fastfwd
'Digital Thermometer Package Available!'
1996\09\02@123936 by myke predko
1996\09\02@160120 by Alexej Vladimirov
1996\09\02@162859 by nogueira
1996\09\03@092527 by myke predko
'Microchip PDF index available'
1996\09\03@102208 by Jim Robertson
'Digital Thermometer Package Available!'
1996\09\03@103409 by Micheal Yano
'Microchip PDF index available'
1996\09\03@144439 by fastfwd
'Digital Thermometer Package Available!'
1996\09\03@164453 by Kurt Horton
1996\09\03@210756 by au156
1996\09\04@103538 by myke predko
1996\09\04@124845 by myke predko
1996\09\05@034622 by Eric Smith
1996\09\05@035458 by mike
'AT Keyboard code available'
1996\09\10@065802 by icio culibrk
1996\09\10@092309 by Gregg Kricorissian

'New MPLAB Interim Release Available'
1996\10\11@233919 by Darrel Johansen

1996\11\20@061611 by HANS BRANDSMA
'How to let assembler know the next available file '
1996\11\23@142818 by Brooke
1996\11\23@194208 by myke predko
'PIC Spreadsheet PDF Version available!'
1996\11\28@104627 by Antti Lukats

'ANSI C compiler for PIC - beta available'
1996\12\01@235857 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\12\03@143137 by Jim Main
1996\12\03@160259 by pic
1996\12\04@094901 by pxico
'Making PIC projects available on the net.'
1996\12\09@080450 by Werner Terreblanche

'PIC12C508 EMULATOR. Free beta available.'
1997\02\11@141023 by Antti Lukats
'MacPIC v. 0.83B available'
1997\02\20@212902 by Kevin Coble
'MacPIC v. 0.84B available'
1997\02\28@210202 by Kevin Coble

'PIC16C77 available'
1997\03\21@042647 by takarus
'MacPIC version 0.86B available'
1997\03\21@142716 by Kevin Coble

'power available in Jalna, India???'
1997\04\22@090556 by Mark Jurras
1997\04\22@124232 by GERRY COX
1997\04\24@053432 by gvc
1997\04\27@092045 by Alex Bogdan
1997\04\27@094612 by Mike
'which 8pin PICs available?'
1997\04\27@150606 by Gerhard Fiedler

'PIC16C76 PIC17C77 are they available?'
1997\05\07@223010 by wft
'PIC C compiler beta 2 available'
1997\05\16@234515 by mailbot
'DT101 now available'
1997\05\21@102042 by Don McKenzie
'MPLAB version 3.22.02 now available'
1997\05\23@130743 by Darrel Johansen

'PSIM: crude PIC simulator now available'
1997\06\03@052649 by Eric Smith

'New LCD Display Available'
1997\07\03@152342 by Andy Kunz
1997\07\08@021914 by Tom Handley
1997\07\08@180015 by Andy Kunz

'PICLite Version 1.02a now available'
1997\09\24@151719 by myke predko
'PICLite 1.03a Available'
1997\09\25@115634 by myke predko

'Microchip Position Available - OT'
1997\10\30@164249 by Darrel Johansen
1997\10\30@181642 by Andy Kunz
'Programmer Positions Available - OT'
1997\10\30@185005 by clyde
'Microchip Position Available - OT'
1997\10\30@190843 by wwl

'Microchip Position Available - OT'
1997\11\02@105625 by peter
1997\11\02@162902 by Andy Kunz
'Berkeley Spice BSIM 3v3 L8 documents available'
1997\11\03@112323 by rzeff
'So is the 17C756 available yet? How is it?'
1997\11\03@130304 by Daniel Holt
'Programmer Positions Available - OT'
1997\11\05@150925 by Bob Lunn
'Sin and Cos functions available'
1997\11\11@045629 by Mal Goris

'Available Books on Pics'
1998\01\14@183654 by Charles Laforge
1998\01\14@192026 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\01\14@193425 by Kam Bansal
1998\01\15@052403 by n Midgley
1998\01\15@073428 by peter
1998\01\15@075956 by bejones
1998\01\15@190259 by Bill Rininger
1998\01\15@215737 by S.V.S. inc
1998\01\15@220341 by Bill Rininger
1998\01\16@003023 by J.Adams
1998\01\16@073440 by mike
1998\01\16@152230 by Gary T. Pepper
1998\01\16@193539 by S.V.S. inc
'PicBASIC PRO available'
1998\01\16@232544 by Dave Mullenix
1998\01\17@152246 by peter
'[OT] Credit card reader software available'
1998\01\26@170411 by Andrew Errington

'MPLAB and Resources AVailable from Microchip..HELP'
1998\02\06@151208 by casmith
1998\02\06@161613 by Morgan Olsson

'SX-Key interface specification NOT available :-('
1998\03\03@163454 by Eric Smith
1998\03\03@185339 by peter
1998\03\06@131330 by Craig Webb
'OT: Circuit Cellar BBS available...'
1998\03\10@215541 by n/a
'MPLAB v3.40 Beta available at'
1998\03\18@083732 by Darrel Johansen
1998\03\18@084532 by tjaart
1998\03\18@121347 by SHAWN ELLIS
1998\03\18@123447 by John Bellini
1998\03\18@145357 by Darrel Johansen
1998\03\18@194914 by Morgan Olsson
1998\03\20@061843 by Joe McCauley
1998\03\20@132912 by SHAWN ELLIS
'PIC PONG available on my pic-page !'
1998\03\22@060741 by Rickard Gunie

'TCM 3105 still available?'
1998\04\04@162046 by homas Schleusener
1998\04\04@175705 by Mike Keitz
1998\04\04@185058 by H.Akgul
1998\04\05@024831 by Norman Gillaspie
1998\04\06@181053 by paulb
1998\04\06@182113 by paulb
'PP V-0.5 available'
1998\04\19@162748 by David Tait
'TEA for the PIC16 -- Verified and available'
1998\04\21@115721 by Andrew Warren
'12C671 unavailable?'
1998\04\27@225532 by n4ocb
1998\04\28@060325 by Roland Andrag
1998\04\28@065631 by tjaart

1998\05\04@021346 by Richard Gunee

'Position(s) available in South Africa'
1998\06\20@081652 by tjaart
'More positions available!'
1998\06\26@055701 by tjaart
1998\06\29@181358 by Alex Torres

'Scenix SX programming specs available!'
1998\07\23@223105 by Eric Smith

'PIC-based Logic Analyzer GUI source code available'
1998\08\06@114913 by Monny Omeed
1998\08\07@121343 by Claudio Rachiele IW0DZG
1998\08\11@074214 by Tom Handley

'12Cxxx -JW devices are available'
1998\09\30@080809 by Quentin

'Serial LCD interface boards available'
1998\10\11@144441 by Gabriel Gonzalez

'16F877 datasheet available'
1998\12\02@113414 by Sean RS Costall
1998\12\02@132204 by Chris Eddy
1998\12\07@082508 by Wolfgang Strobl
'PIC projects page available'
1998\12\09@034555 by Mark Crosbie
'17C766 Available ???'
1998\12\19@123712 by Martin Walton

'16F87X available yet???'
1999\01\15@160141 by Gabriel Gonzalez
1999\01\15@164547 by Dan Larson
1999\01\16@020133 by Gabriel Gonzalez

'PICSTART PLUS firmware UPDATE available with MPLAB'
1999\02\04@085353 by Ravi Pailoor
'[OT] Memory-Plug available ?'
1999\02\06@042159 by bam-mon
'Memory-Plugs available ?'
1999\02\08@040345 by bam-mon
1999\02\08@090627 by Mike Keitz

'TVOSD source available?'
1999\03\04@183318 by Martin Darwin
'[NSOT] Summer Intern Position Available'
1999\03\22@133155 by Bob Drzyzgula

'AD: PICMicro Starter Kits Available'
1999\04\14@231907 by Ben Wirz

'PIC-based Logic Analyser GUI source code available'
1999\05\06@195656 by Peter Homann
'PIC-based Logic Analyzer GUI source code available'
1999\05\07@082543 by Harrison Cooper
'PIC-based Logic Analyser GUI source code available'
1999\05\10@122233 by g_will

'Microchip/Digikey: rumor: PIC16C877-20/P available'
1999\06\03@010814 by Mark Willis
1999\06\03@092941 by Andy Kunz
1999\06\03@163044 by Eric Smith
1999\06\03@222739 by Mark Willis
'ST1-64 Free Basic Stamp 1 with 64 bytes available '
1999\06\24@133745 by BSSClub I

'Fr. Tom's PIC CAP METER files now available'
1999\07\13@140856 by Andy Kunz
'CMX602A CID to PIC code available?'
1999\07\20@181140 by Rob Santello
'Turbo Pascal and Turbo C available for free'
1999\07\29@213517 by Myke Predko

'[OT] Eagle manual now available'
1999\08\18@104645 by Bob Drzyzgula
'16F877 ICE protocol available?'
1999\08\25@050146 by wzab

'El Cheapo Version 3.1 is available'
1999\09\12@094945 by Myke Predko
'16F887-20s available'
1999\09\30@095943 by Nick Taylor
'16F887-20s available (877)'
1999\09\30@100812 by Nick Taylor

'87x in DIP Available.'
1999\11\05@033455 by Don McKenzie
1999\11\05@081945 by Robin Abbott
'Windows PIC programmer source code available.'
1999\11\12@183346 by Nigel Goodwin
'PIC16F627: Is available now?'
1999\11\30@234911 by Alejandro Lavarello

'Flat Panel Displays available for projects'
1999\12\17@142331 by mike

'[OT] are ACE1101 or 1202 available in small qty? ('
2000\01\14@010341 by Carlos Gutierrez
'Plans for PIC Capmeter and Keypad available'
2000\01\18@140640 by Thomas McGahee
2000\01\18@142936 by Peter Keller
2000\01\18@144312 by Thomas McGahee
2000\01\19@141514 by John De Villiers

'[OT] LCD Catalog Available'
2000\03\11@104639 by Thomas McGahee

'PIC16C74 UART Program/Tutorial Now Available'
2000\04\16@223459 by Thomas McGahee
2000\04\17@042047 by Kbek Tony
2000\04\17@043954 by Kbek Tony
2000\04\17@122051 by Thomas McGahee
2000\04\17@133826 by Dwayne Reid
2000\04\17@141402 by Thomas McGahee
2000\04\18@113057 by Kbek Tony
2000\04\20@103637 by Kanne
2000\04\20@115803 by Quitt, Walter
'Fr. Tom's UART Tutorial Now Available'
2000\04\20@135824 by Thomas McGahee
2000\04\27@190740 by Tony Nixon

'[PIC]:The Two New PICmicro Books are available for'
2000\11\17@230634 by Myke Predko

'[PIC]: Game available'
2000\12\14@123813 by James Paul

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