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'analog input from current sense transformer'
2005\04\27@065259 by vasile surducan

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I didn't follow the subject closely. However a current transformer
without a secondary closed circuit (I mean a circuit which may pass
the current, and a too high resistor load could be an open circuit)
works as a high voltage transformer. Ie 1Amps in the primary, an open
circuit secondary could means a few thousen of volt. I'm much more
familiar with 1600A/5A transformers where an open secondary circuit is
tragedy (up to 10 kilovolt at the nominal primarily current).
I don't know what sensing transformer you have, but a current to
voltage transformer as you suggest, with a linear output
caracteristic, I didn't saw.
Measure first the transformer characteristic using not a clamp meter
but a precision current transformer and an ammeter. If you don't close
the clamp corectly, every time you'll measure a different thing, check
this too.

best regards,

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