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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'(OT) Altitude or lack of it'
1998\09\05@161153 by Bob Cousins
1998\09\05@162844 by Peter L. Peres
1998\09\06@061539 by tjaart

'Altitude stuff with a pic'
1998\11\13@021841 by Richard Parsons
1998\11\13@100624 by William M. Smithers
1998\11\14@175431 by Felix Sawicki
1998\11\15@234550 by Tjaart van der Walt
1998\11\16@010519 by Jason Tuendemann

'[OT] Re: Water Rockets - measuring altitude and ac'
1999\06\28@200049 by Russell McMahon

'[OT]: Noctilucent clouds" - 100 km altitude - blue'
2003\02\19@033444 by Russell McMahon

'[OT:] Manned balloon altitude record attempt - 125'
2003\09\02@093720 by Russell McMahon
2003\09\02@102254 by Josh Koffman
2003\09\02@102558 by ?Graham=20North?=
'] Manned balloon altitude record attempt - 125,00'
2003\09\02@105840 by hael Rigby-Jones

'[EE] high altitude balloon'
2005\05\17@065508 by Russell McMahon
2005\05\17@153300 by Peter
2005\05\26@190024 by Nate Duehr
2005\05\26@191932 by Alex Harford

'[OT] SHAPS - Special High Altitude Parachute Syste'
2006\07\19@030701 by Russell McMahon

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