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'accessing a 24C16 with high speed IC2 mode ?'
1997\05\14@101217 by Ralf Sigmund

Hi folks,
I have a SimmStick 001 with a 24c16 IC2 serial Eprom connected to a 10
MHZ PIC (Actually running with a 11.059 MHZ Quartz...)
I used a modified version of the Microchip AN567 source to access the
EEPROM. After adjusting the various NOP delays the EEPROM finally works
(e.g. you can write and read correct values, but you will get a
acknoledge fail invariantly.)

Now after some calculation i realized that it should be possible to
acess the memory in high speed IC2-bus mode (400kHz).
But just scaling down the delays does not work. As I do not own a oszi I

appear to become much trouble in debugging this.

So - did anyone do this before me and could You email the SourceCode
for  400 kHz 24c16 access to the list or, if it is to long directly to
my mail address?


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