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'Yet another PIC programmer'
1995\05\01@153250 by David Tait

A reference to interest UK hobbyists:

Robin Abbott, "PIC Programmer", Electronics Today International,
Vol 24, No. 6, pp 52-56, June 1995.

This article (to be continued next month) describes a simple PIC
programmer which connects to the serial port of a PC.  It uses two
voltage regulators, three transistors, a MAX232 and a pre-programmed
16C57 to provide a programmer capable of programming the PIC16C54, 55,
56, 57, 58 and any serial mode PIC including the PIC16C64, 71, 74 and
84.  The serial mode devices may also be programmed in-circuit using a
4-wire interface.  Cost: UKP 35 (around $55) including software. The
PCB pattern is reproduced 1-1 in the mag.

I guess ETI should be available in the USA.  If you can't find it

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4314 West 238th Street,
CA 90505.

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