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'Yet Another Religious War: Where to go after PICs'
2003\02\12@182159 by William Chops Westfield

face picon face
> Ok, so do either have a micro about 1/2 the price
> of a 12c508 or 16c505, with similar or more performane
> and avaiable in small (ie 5000 or so) quantities??

Sigh.  That'd be nice.  The closest are the ATTINY 8-pin parts, which
are currently running slightly more expensive than the PIC 8bit flash
parts.  (ATTINY12L $1.94/1 $1.48/100 from digikey.  8pin parts without
EEPROM are somewhat cheaper.)

AT90S2313 (a nice 20 pin part) is apparently used in some cable
descrambler scheme, and there's a substantial "gray market" on ebay at
pretty good prices...


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