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'Wisp628 not working under Windows XP?'
2005\05\17@051032 by Chen Xiao Fan

I have made two Wisp628 based programmers (one is using EasyISP firmware
and use Olin's picprog program. The other is using Wisp628 firmware
Both were working under Windows 98. Recently I have my computer upgraded to
Windows XP professional and now both are not working.

The error messages are copied here.

What could be wrong here?


C:\Myprog\wisp628\XWISP>xwisp2w com2 read test.hex
XWisp2 version 1.5.03 (Sep 06 2004, Open Watcom C 1.30)
SendReceiveSlow read timeout
Failed to activate Wbus device
XWisp2 failed after 1.05 seconds, rc 23!

C:\embedinc\com>pic_read -sio 2 -pic 12F629 -hex test.hex
No response was received from the programmer.  The programmer may be powered
off or not connected to COM2.
Error occurred on attempt to open a new use of the PICPRG library.
*** Program aborted on error. ***

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