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'Win APIs [Was Serial Comms]'
1997\06\02@043928 by Mike

At 06:51 PM 6/1/97 -0600, you wrote:
>On serial comms,
>        I didn't see anybody else mention it so, under the Win32 API
>serial ports are accessed using CreateFile(), ReadFile(), and WriteFile()
>where the 'file' is COM1, COM2, etc... I've never done this mind you and
>am just looking at "About Communications" in the Win32 SDK.

Sorry - guys - off topic but relevant to this thread, feel free to
email direct to keep this off the list etc.

Where does one get a full detailed cross referenced list of all
Win3.11 and Win95 API's and access methods etc. There have been times
when it would have been real useful to write a short (and hopefully)
simple assembler routine to use a small number of API's but have not
been able to understand how to access them 'directly'. I can get through
via Borland Pascal -  but find the results very complex and burdened
with so much 'extra' code that it gets a bit ungainly. I'm uncomfortable
with my present understanding of the mechanism of access into the
Windows API system and feel I am missing something - I feel I need
to go down a few levels to understand it better...

Is the Windows API as accessible as a simple Jump table at a specified
memory location - something like MSDOS and CP/M etc ? AND is there
a list of these addresses/links with descriptions readily available ?

I also hear MicroSoft will still not publish some of the more 'clever'
Win3.11 API's - is this true or has someone hacked them out etc...


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Some say there is no magic but, all things begin with thought then it becomes
academic, then some poor slob works out a practical way to implement all that
theory, this is called Engineering - for most people another form of magic.

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