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'Whats the differance in these HEX files'
1999\03\12@081228 by Richard Hershey

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I'm planning on buying a compiler and I don't know if it will be a C
compiler or Pic Basic. The question is what
is the differance in the hex files they make. If mpasm, C, or picbasic is
used the output is in hex? As I only
have the money to get one but not both compilers I would like to as much
bang for the buck as I can.


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1999\03\12@100535 by jamesp

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 The only difference I can think of would be the format,
 ie is it in Intel Hex, Extended Intel Hex, Motorola S, etc.
 This shouldn't be a real problem as far as I can see. As
 long as the compiler or assembler outputs a format the your
 programmer can handle.  Or am I wrong here?



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