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'What use is 32 bits ? [Was MPLAB Win CE]'
1997\08\02@140254 by Mike

At 10:02 AM 8/2/97 +0200, you wrote:

>> What makes you think 32 bit apps are more efficient ?
>> Windows 95 is 95% 16 bit drivers and libraries most of which is ported
>> over from win 3.11.
>> there is a lot of propoganda and hype Win NT comes close to be a 32
>> bit app
>> but even that uses 16 bit dlls !
>> rdgs
>> mike
>So is there a TRUE 32-bit OS out there?

Does it matter ?

Why FORCE one instruction per 32 bits when you can get TWO or more ?

WHY do you NEED an 8 bit character to occupying 32 bits - when its more
efficient for it to occupy a byte or at most a 16 bit word ?

>What will Win97 be? (If ever it surfaces from the rumours!)

Not important - Actually it will be Win98 and WILL have lots of 16 bit
instructions in it (even though the buss might fetch 2 or 4 of them at
a time). Why slow down a machine forcing it to use 32 bit instructions ?

Did you know that 8 bit micros have faster IO than any 486 or Pentium
in a windows type GUI - apart from operating system overhead - most
comms is 8 bits - so the value of a wider word size is a overdoing it, a bit;)


Perth, Western Australia

Some say there is no magic but, all things begin with thought then it becomes
academic, then some poor slob works out a practical way to implement all that
theory, this is called Engineering - for most people another form of magic.

1997\08\02@154438 by Scott Newell

>>So is there a TRUE 32-bit OS out there?
>Does it matter ?

I don't really care if 95 is a *true* 32-bit OS or not.  But there are
some things I like about it.  (And some I don't...)

I like not having to worry about memory models and whether I'm
going to wrap around a 64k segment and how big my pointers are
and whether it's a near call or a far call.

I also like that the 32 bit address space gives you room for neat
tricks like memory mapped files.

>Why FORCE one instruction per 32 bits when you can get TWO or more ?

It's not the simple.

Not every x86 protected mode instruction is 32 bits wide.  Not every
instruction on the 8086 was 16 bits wide, either.

It's my understanding that a 32 bit OS has a 32 bit address space,
and that the size of the opcodes is irrelevant.


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