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'What is T-hunting'
1996\12\31@135353 by Byon Garrabrant

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On 31 Dec 96 at 0:02, "Mark A. Corio" <spam_OUTMcorioTakeThisOuTspamAOL.COM> wrote:

> In a message dated 96-12-30 15:00:01 EST, you write:
> >To all the frequest posters, Thanks for all the good advice over the
> >past year.  I hope to post more as my experience grows, or as I see
> >more questions in my area (Ham radio, T-hunting, etc.)
> What is T-hunting??

T-hunting (Transmitter Hunting) is a sport/hobby/execrise which
involves searching for hidden radio transmitters.  Most participants
are ham radio operators.  The way it usually works is this:  One
person hides a radio transmitter somewhere in a very large area (up
to hundreds of square miles).  This radio tranmits audio tones or
Morse code on a particular frequency periodically (30 seconds each
minute).  Hunters, miles away, hear the radio transmissions, and using
directional antennas, attempt to locate the transmitter in the
shortest time, or by driving the fewest miles.  The winner gets (has)
to hide the following month.  Other variations include on-foot hunts
in a large park, multiple transmitters, and VERY clever transmitter
disguises.  Transmitter hunting is also useful for locating downed
aircraft (ELTs), and locating persons interfering with public saftey
radio frequencies.  For more information, check out:

Byon Garrabrant  N6BG

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