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'What can I program with a Picstart-16b?'
1999\06\21@021713 by Ansel Sermersheim

       I've been lurking on this list for a long time, not having had
the wherewithal to get started, but I'd like to change that.

       I've got a Picstart 16B that was given to me by a kind denizen
of this list a long time ago, and I'm wondering what PICs it can
program, as I gather that some of them are programmed differently than

Additionally, I'd like to know what software is available for Linux,
as my DOS partition is rather hosed at present, and I don't like it
anyway.  I'm not particularly interested in a compiler, just a
assembler and downloader.

       On the back of the board it says 04-01315 REV 2, and is
stamped T3.  On the PIC is a label saying `PICSTART-16B Firmware

Thanks very much,
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1999\06\21@025520 by Antonio L Benci

picon face
Check out Newfound Electronics:
for upgrades to the 16B programmer. Well worth the money. I have
upgraded two unit with no problems...

Ansel Sermersheim wrote:
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