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PICList Thread
'What about RICE17A Emulator ??'
1999\03\03@102524 by Andy Kunz

At 01:52 PM 3/3/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi there,
>I am looking for a PIC emulator to emulate 16c76's in circuit.
>Any suggestions, bad experiences, very good ones ... about the RICE17A
>PIC Emulator from Advanced Transdata Corporation ?
>if interested, info can be found on

I would recommend the Tech-Tools Mathias unit very highly over the Rice

I've used both, and the Rice is very difficult.  The Mathias is much more
flexible and tech suupport is fantastic.  Better IDE, too.

See it at


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1999\03\03@165256 by Dennis Bourassa

As a contractor, with 24 years experience, I've used
them all, on various customer sites.

Last year I bought a RICE17A for my office, (replacing
a collection of old Clearview's and an early Manthis),
and I've been very happy with the upgrade.

Although I'm an assembler, type of guy, I've used the
RICE17A with customer code written in C and even
used it with a project written in Pic Basic Pro,
(customer's request of language).

I found the latest versions of their IDE, easy to use,
and pretty solid.

I needed a 17C752 pod for a 'high power' sound engine
project. They had the pod in stock, and the fairly
complex project completed without a hitch.

But..... my direct dealings with the company have been
less than great. They may 'try' at customer support,
but I cringe at the thought of making a phone call to them.
I always go to their Web page first....  :-}


Bart Stofferis wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1999\03\04@081922 by Andy Kunz

>but I cringe at the thought of making a phone call to them.
>I always go to their Web page first....  :-}

Ah, Horro?  Dis Chen.  Har I can herp you?

It wasn't my idea of fun either.  The complaint I had was that the thing
was so enclosed and I'm constantly changing projects (I have two Mathias
units running almost constantly) and it was such a pain to change crystal,
pods, etc.

The internal PLL and easy pod swap, plus a decent IDE, make the Mathias a
no-brain decision for me.

Plus they speak Texan instead of Asian.


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    \    |   |    /          Andy Kunz
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1999\03\05@165708 by Bruce Cannon

I like the fact that the RICE device is enclosed, because it's robust.  They
should make the cover removable without tools, but it's the right idea.
While it is important to make the emulator easy to confure for different
processors, I'd say the way the Mathias does it is NOT the right one.  I
don't like boards sticking up and boards sticking out, and the type of
connectors used are NOT designed for easy or repeated insertions.  The
design is very amateurish, kind of like a first prototype.  I'm sure the
only reason the new owners don't change it is because it would cost too
much.  The fact that they needed to put insulating material on the bottom of
the boards so they don't short on your work surface is a big red flag.  And
while it's nice that the IDE is simple, it also is very amateurish.  It bugs
me that compiling with PCM takes 5-10 times longer through it than through
MPLAB or the RICE IDE.  The RICE system has its share of IDE bugs and
difficulties too.  And yes, I think that they would benefit from hiring a
native english speaking technical writer to generate extensive
documentation.  But I also think the childish ridiculing of the accent was
uncalled for.  When I've spoken to them on the phone, they've been clearly
Asian, but have always tried hard to solve my problem.

However, I'm NOT recommending that device, just adding more information.
Personally, I'd like a device which uses MPLAB as it's IDE.  I use it to
write code, simulate code, and program parts; I'd also like to use it to
emulate.  Noticed Microchip is putting their emulators on sale (impending
product dump?).  Any opinions on them?

Bruce Cannon            Style Management Systems
(510) 787-6870          1228 Ceres ST Crockett CA 94525

Remember: electronics is changing your world...for good!

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