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'What a wonderful day!!!'
1997\10\20@022120 by n/a

Do you have a service or product that you want to market?
But can't afford the cost of traditional advertising such
as newspaper, magazine, radio, or television.  Welcome to
the 20th century!  Now you don't need any of those media's
to get your advert out to literally millions of potential

Bulk email is a great way to get your advert out there.
Instead of placing your ad in a newspaper or magazine
with hundreds of other ads, with the chance of even 25%
of the readers even seeing your add very slim, you can
email your ad directly to the readers email box, ensuring
that they will see the ad.

We offer 1 million email addresses for $35, 2 million
email addresses for $50, 5 million email addresses for
$99, 15 million for $189, and 25 million email addresses
for $239.  All of our addresses are fresh and run
through our database regularly.  We guarantee no duplicate
addresses.  But that's not all.  On 15 and 25 million address
orders we give you any new addresses we get every three months
for a full year absolutely free!  All orders include a free
full working demo of Stealth, the bulk email program capable
of sending up to 400,000 emails per hour, and able to cloak
your true identity.

If you do not wish to send your own names.  We offer our
"Internet Classifieds"  Where we will send your ad for you
in our weekly classifieds section.  The cost for this is
$75.  This goes out to 1 million addresses.  The typical
newspaper has hundreds of ads mingled in with yours, and
the chance of your ad being read is very slim. We guarantee
not to have more than 15 ads at one time.  Your ad can be
up to five lines or 50 words.

All orders come on compact disk.

For any questions you can call (909)590-9589. To qualify
for these prices mention reference C when calling.

To order print this form: (or call during business hours
to pay be credit card)

__1 million email addresses - $35

__2 million email addresses - $50

__5 million email addresses - $99

__15 million email addresses - $189

__25 million email addresses - $239

__"Internet Classifieds) - $75

Please add $6.00 to each order for shipping and handling. (does not apply to
Internet Classifieds)

International customers add $35 for shipping.

I understand that all email orders include a free demo
version of Stealth the most powerful E-mail program
available, and step by step instructions.

Please fill out the following:



Address____________________________(No P.O. boxes please)

City, State, Zip___________________

Telephone #(___)___-____

E-mail address_______________________

Send your check or money order to:

TSF Marketing
Dept. C
P.O. Box 4914
Ontario, California 91761

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