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'What's the trick? SX18 w/Murata 50MHz resonator'
1999\11\26@004649 by Mitchell D. Miller

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AAAHHHHH .... What is the trick?  I've been trying all day to get an Scenix
SX-18 (datecode 9818 and 9849) to run using a Murata 50 MHz (through hole)
resonator (as available from Parallax).

I've reviewed Scenix's and Parallax's web sites for resonator
recommendations, and can not seem to find that one thing (I hope)  I'm

Using a 100k or 1Mohm resistor across OSC1 and OSC2 with a 20 MHz Murata
resonator produces a beautiful sinewave.  However, when I replace the 20 MHz
with a 50, and the 1Mohm with a 10k (as recommended by Scenix, specifically
for the Murata resonators), I can not get any oscillation at all!!!

Using the SX-Key, all works well, in fact, my program is even working now!!
(finally).  I just can make it stand-alone!!

Any thoughts?

Mitch Miller, Omaha, NE

1999\11\26@031443 by ruben

Have You checked the osc_considerations.pdf from scenix wep pages?

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Ruben Jvnsson
AB Liros Elektronik
Box 9124, 200 39 Malmv, Sweden
TEL INT +4640 142078
FAX INT +4640 947388

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