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'What's in the train? The whole story. PIC'a'Block'
1999\10\13@013506 by McMeikan, Andrew

Hi Azrael,

I know electrical contacts may be inexpensive, but kids spit and chew on
them just to make them corrode :) use plastic blocks that allow IR beams
through them (holes, IR panel, or IR clear plastic in the first place)

If that makes the cost too much, then since the blocks will presumable line
up well, embed a coil in the plastic (or up against a thin spot) and 'pulse'
the comms through.

Sounds like a good project.  Will you GPL the code ;-)

       cya,    Andrew...

PS:make the coils big enough and the 'equals' block can pulse power out to
the rest...   maybe...

> {Original Message removed}

1999\10\13@020207 by Anne Ogborn

I like the wire loop idea. Bet you can do it without extra components.
as far as powering them, that's kinda cool too, but sounds like
it might have FCC part 15 troubles.

Any of the more electronics oriented folks have a take on this?

1999\10\13@060505 by Russell McMahon

picon face

Inductive power transfer can be very efficient (over 90%) and is quite easy
to implement.
At the power levels you are liable to need a U core about 10mm x 5mm legs
would probably suffice if you can reduce the gap to a few mm (which you
should be able to do).

Signalling can be carried out over the same circuit with power off
(alternate between power and data),.
I am sending at 115 kbps over such an arrangement :-) although I do use
different power and data cores. Power core needs to be resonant if large air
gaps are used but is entirely workable non resonant with small air gaps.

Capacitive coupling is another useable signalling technique. You may even be
able to do power transfer capacitively if you have a high enough frequency -
although this may raise some challenging EMC considerations.


     Russell McMahon

>From another world -

What can one man* do?
Help the hungry at no cost to yourself!

(* - or woman, child or internet enabled intelligent entity :-))

{Original Message removed}

1999\10\13@132932 by Anne Ogborn

Russel - now I'm WAY curious -
can you tell us more about this inductive coupling application??

I can see all sorts of applications for this.

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