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PICList Thread
'We've been spammed'
1995\04\03@091636 by Dave Madden

=> Welcome to the new-at-mol mailing list!

I don't remember subscribing to this mailing list, and it looks like
what's actually happened is some clueless fuckwit has added the entire
PIC list.  I would hope that Jory Bell sends an unsubscribe message
promptly (to, with "unsubscribe
new-at-mol" in the body); if he doesn't, I will if
I receive another message from them.  If you actually want to be on
this list, fine.  Subscribe with your own email address.

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1995\04\03@095944 by Jeff Sweeney

Remember that LISTSERVspamKILLspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU will reveal email addresses of
people on this list unless you request otherwise. To conceal your
email address, send 'set piclist conceal' to .....LISTSERVKILLspamspam.....MITVMA.MIT.EDU.


1995\04\03@123404 by Pic User

I am in agreement! Tell this pumperfurl to the &*D:\pic\efo~1^ off of our list.

Minds on Line? Really.

I never say much but this stuff can GO.

James K.

1995\04\07@072843 by Jory Bell prichard

I just noticed this spammage (I've been on a boat in the bermuda triangle
with a dozen c84s, and my microburner 512 ... really ;)

Anyway, I'll take proper action upon my return later this weekend


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