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PICList Thread
'Watch Variables for PIC Debug'
2000\02\21@122228 by Dan Michaels

The following idea grew out of recent discussions in the "Re Idea ..."
thread on PICList. The goal is to come up with something better than
the equivalent of inserting < printf > statements for debugging code
where an ICE is not being used.

I invariably develop PIC code as small application modules which execute
on top of basic monitor code (home-written), consisting of RS-232 comm
with interactive command capability, including the ability to read/write
ports, registers, and RAM. I execute routines, and then do "post-mortem"
analysis by examining RAM/register values, etc.

The basic idea presented here is to define a routine called < watch >,
which can be called from strategic places in the program (in lieu of
printf), and which stores selected variables into a circular buffer
for post-mortem analysis. The circular buffer allows calling < watch >
in multiple places.

This idea has some advantages: (a) runs relatively fast, compared to
sending printf during execution; (b) watch var selection can be made
interactive, with no need to re-assemble to change; (c) watch vars
can be stored indefinitely into circular buffer without program
interruption; (d) routines can be left in the final version for
in-field debugging; (e) idea can be extended for storage of debug
vars in serial EEPROM (concurrent with datalogging, etc).

Does anyone know if code to do this is available anywhere? If not,
I'll write it and post to piclist. Does anyone have a better way to
do what I propose? (short of using an ICE - which wouldn't help out
with items (d) and (e) anyway).

- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

2000\02\21@123229 by James Paul


I'd be interested in your code for interactive debug.
I write quite a few apps for my employer, and this
might speed up the development and debug phases of
the projects.  you can email me at or
respond directly to my work email address at

                               Thanks and Regards,


On Mon, 21 February 2000, Dan Michaels wrote:

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