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'Was: closed captioning etc'
1997\07\08@052112 by Michael Coop

part 0 3415 bytes
For the new boys that aren't moving to the latest SubTitling technologies, then you send CSP and as many bytes as defined/required to designate the page you want to swap to. And then display away...
Return to your original CSP page when done.

Then you declare that page CSP + &h80 +&h 00 is the standard Roman CS, while CSP + &h80 + &h01 is somtehing else etc...

This does require heavy overhead if every second char is from a different char set, but even then, there are was to optimize the layout of the sets for maximum hit efficiency.

( I threw the high bit &h8x, so that if the CSP appears in 'normal' text messages, then there is a very small chance of the succeeding byte having the high bit set - so the CSP can be ignored automatically...)

One byte should be enough, but perhaps you want to put some other things in there as well...

Looking for good broadcast engineering projects...

Michael Coop
Fax:    +60 3 411-8260

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