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'Wanted: PIC programmer, immediately'
1997\08\15@195309 by Gerhard Fiedler

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I'm looking for a programmer to help me out immediately. The application is
-- very briefly -- a sensor with a serial ADC input and a switching output,
the switching points are selected by a communication interface (RS-232).
Some calibration and configuration values have to be stored in EEPROM; if
the code space is enough, the 16LF84 with internal EEPROM is ok, if not, we
would have to go with the 16C558 and an external serial EEPROM (I'd like to
stay with a 18pin device).

The hardware and the basic communication with the external devices is
already working, and I have a pretty detailed flowchart of what the program
should do (except for the communication interface; for this I have a
detailed description). But I need somebody to program it and maybe strip it
down until it fits :-)

I would supply a prototype hardware. I estimate ~3 weeks for the stuff
(just to give you an idea about the time frame), and I want a fixed price
contract. Of course I will provide more detailed information to the ones I
will ask for a quote.

As I need it quite urgently, whoever wants to do it should be more or less
in the area (USA -- sorry, I really would like to do business with an
Aussie someday, I like the accent, but know it only from TV :-), be
available (almost) immediately, and be willing to come here (Ohio) for
final debugging and integration -- if there are problems.

If you're interested, please send me a private message (off piclist) to my
email address ( ), with some info about yourself
(resume) and your work (code sample). This is the first development I do in
this company, and we will do more along these lines in the near future. So
this might be the beginning of a longer lasting business relationship.

weber Sensors is originally a German company, manufacturing industrial
flow, proximity and optical sensors, mainly. We are now expanding in the
US, after having had a sales bureau here with some small scale
manufacturing only, and transferring some parts of the company over to here
(e.g. development).

Thanks for your attention,


Gerhard Fiedler - weber Sensors Inc.

12037 South Ave       |                        |
P.O.Box 599           |  phone 1-330-549-5746  |
North Lima, OH 44452  |  fax   1-330-549-2053  |  CompuServe 100330,633

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