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'WLoader: yet another 16f877 application loader....'
2000\03\29@152108 by w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman

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WLoader, my 16f877application loader, seems to be working.
You can find it at
This is a first version, so my apologies up front for possible bugs.

WLoader features:
- it occupies top 1k, so first 7k are free for the application
- it uses bit-banged serial I/O, for now using RB6 and RB7 (can easily be
changed to other RA or RB pins)
- it requires 10 MHz xtal
- it uses 'non-inverting RS-232 interface' == 2 resistors, add your choice
of extra protection
- the dos command-line tool is compatible with my wisp '84 programmer
- the application can start at 0 (addresses 0,1,2 are 'faked')
- the application autostarts when RB7 is pulled high during reset

future plans
- autobaud for 4 and 20 MHz
- use only one pin for host communication
- download to first 1k, self-relocate to top 1k


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