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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'PIC MOSFET winners!'
1995\12\08@110640 by mlk

'A New Challenge -- WINNER!'
1997\01\08@114452 by fastfwd
1997\01\08@151913 by myke predko

'IDEA OF THE YEAR winner!'
1997\03\03@232805 by tjaart

'CCS compiler - best loop instruction --a winner!'
1999\03\31@101247 by Lawrence Lile

'There Is No Winner! Re: QUIZ MASTER ( Who is the f'
1999\07\16@020333 by Richard Martin

2001\01\31@132917 by jamesnewton
2001\01\31@202250 by Eric Smith

2001\02\01@005113 by dre Domingos F. Souza

'[SX]: SXLIST CONTEST: March Winner: ROV'
2002\04\03@172526 by james

'[OT:] Cypress Microsystems Announces Winners of P'
2004\06\29@101709 by Mike Reid
'[OT:] Cypress Microsystems Announces Winners of PS'
2004\06\29@104417 by Josh Koffman

'[OT] Darpa Grand challenge finaly has a winner!'
2005\10\18@145323 by Juan Cubillo
'[OT] DARPA Grand Challenge winner'
2005\10\26@142128 by Dwayne Reid
2005\10\26@152740 by James Newton, Host

'[OT] IDEA 2006 Award Winners'
2006\06\30@051954 by Gökhan SEVER

'[EE] MSP430 Contest winner'
2007\03\08@164806 by Martin Klingensmith
2007\03\08@170249 by Dario Greggio
2007\03\09@093011 by William Couture
2007\03\09@205838 by Martin Klingensmith

'[EE]: WiBree: does it look like a wireless winner '
2007\06\19@132217 by M. Adam Davis

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