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PICList Thread
'WHERE TO COMPLAIN: Re: Hot Girls !!!'
1997\08\06@035755 by CCSystems

The spammer was connected to:
Which connected to:
Complain (with all headers) here: -or-

A traceroute to "" shows that "" is the host and
going to "" shows they are "Electric Lightwave, Inc." and they
offer "Internet access services to business customers throughout the
Western United States."  Possibly they also would like to hear from PICLIST
members how much we all appreciate that their customer (
spammed us.  Hey, they even have a Phoenix office!  Looks like the spammer
is in Phoenix.

Complain here:

Kill SPAM(mers)!!!

Andrew Gerald
Custom Communications Systems


This e-mail address is a 'facsimile receiver' as defined
by Title 47 USC. Sending unsolicited commercial e-mail
to this address is a violation of US Federal Law.

1997\08\07@152933 by Glenn Johansson


1997\08\08@014438 by Ross McKenzie


Following is the response to my personal complaint on this matter. Actions
always speak louder than words.

Hoping for an end to this trash; but realistic to know better.


Ross McKenzie
Melbourne Australia

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 15:42:47 -0700 (MST)
To: (Tom Lewellen)
From: (Lowell Stone)
Subject: Re: WHERE TO COMPLAIN:  Re: Hot Girls !!! (Tom Lewellen)


We received the following message from ELI.  It looks like they are
one of your customers.  Will you please investigate this situation with
your customer and make sure they understand the
consequences of this kind of activity.

Thank you,
Lowell Stone

At 10:09 AM 8/7/97 -0700, ELI Email/Spam Complaints wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1997\08\08@032755 by Mailing List Account

On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Ross McKenzie wrote:

> Following is the response to my personal complaint on this matter. Actions
> always speak louder than words.
> Hoping for an end to this trash; but realistic to know better.

Had everyone just ignored and deleted the original message it would've
been much less intrusive than the 10+ messages that have followed (this
one included).  Spam will never be completely stopped, strict regulation
would be nice, but fighting it here is just putting more unnecessary load
on the list.

The Internet has contained trash from the beginning, that's partially
what made it so popular, deal.  Pressing a button is much easier than
throwing away junk mail, better for the environment also.  If companies
couldn't advertise/make money on the Internet, you wouldn't be on it.


Philip Lalone
Alpha-X Development

Professional Web Design (

1997\08\08@061119 by Mike Smith

---Original Message-----
From: Ross McKenzie <RemoveMER.McKenzieEraseMEspamEraseMESENCON.COM>
Date: Friday, 8 August 1997 15:18
Subject: Re: WHERE TO COMPLAIN: Re: Hot Girls !!!

{Quote hidden}

<snipt unsympathetic response and codes>

I got a nicer response - viz

We have received your recent complaint regarding a Network Abuse or
Security incident.

EarthLink Network, Inc.,, has certain guidelines and acceptable use
practice policies that all members are bound by. Anytime a member fails to
follow these provisions and guidelines, their account will be dealt with as
defined in the policy guidelines.

To view our Acceptable Use Policy,

The information that you have provided will be used to investigate the
above incident. Once the investigation is complete, the proper steps will
be taken against the member immediately.

EarthLink maintains a "zero tolerance" policy towards spam and network
abuse at anytime.

If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact
us at

Harris Schwartz
Information Security Administrator
EarthLink Network, Inc.

It sounds nicer.  Time will tell if its any more productive...


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