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'WEB & PIC new mailing list'
2000\01\08@143654 by Leo

picon face
Hi Pic'er friend,

due possibility to became large OT writingabout argument of interaction
between the INTERNET and PIC, discussing about problems of interfacing PIC
that interact with an OCX and the browser and the IIS, ASP that interact
with hardware on the client, DHTML, VB, SCRIPT, SECURITY and other web
related argument, I have decided to make a new mailing list called


If you are interested, visit the page of the  web and pic at:



2000\01\09@045533 by Philippe Jadin

IMHO, the best thing that could be made for the piclist should be to
split it in differents sub groups. For those who know it, the lego forum has a lot of differents groups. The pic forum could be
splitted into diferents groups like :

-pic & electronic
-pic & programming
-general electronic questions

Maybe those subgroups are not exactly the right ones, but it's worth
looking a this, as the list become more and more [OT]. Personnally, I'm
dum enough to post only [OT], but people here at the piclist seem to
have unlimited knowledge in different domains :-)

Just my 2 cents,


Leo a Žcrit :
{Quote hidden}

                            Philippe Jadin  
                            Belgium, Europe
Simple yet usefull  Robot stuff goto
      For low-cost web design goto

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