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PICList Thread
'WANTED: Assembler for PICs'
1995\12\29@023413 by Aigars Jaundalders

I am sending this message to the list again because as I already told
I have subscribed to this list only 2 days ago.

Hi everyone,

I have subscribed to this list only 2 days ago because I have some
difficulties with PICs.

First of all, could anyone kindly tell me where I can obtain the complete
description of PICs' Assembler. I have already one, but it is pirate
version and it is missing 4 chapters (about mnemonics).

Another point is, can you tell me how I can rearrange the code for
16C84 which uses for I/O pin 13 in the way to make them use pin 7.

Many code have only programm area but do not have EEPROM. What should I
do in order to make these code working?

Thank you for any info in advance,

Best regards,
Aigars Jaundalders.


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