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'Visual Basic (was C vs ASM) [OT]'
2000\04\19@200857 by Brandon, Tom

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I agree, It's such a pity that some people are so caught up in their view of
what's "right" or "best" in computing that they fail to see that different
tasks are better served by different languages. It's also a problem that
some people think the only thing's that are "real" are the things they like
or are interested in. It's these sorts of attitudes that have held mankind
back so much. I've noticed a strong tendency among the more academic
programmers to believe that the end justifies any means. They seme to feel
that the 20% improvement of native code over VB justifies spending 4x as
long writing their UI in C++ and ending up with GPF's all over the place.

I find it quite interesting that you criticise VB programmers for a view
that VB is suitable for every problem. Given that every standard control in
VB and 75%+ of 3rd party controls are actuall written in C++ a VB programmer
uses more non-VB code than VB code. And that's the whole idea. VB is a 4th
Generation (roughly) language. Which means it's used primarily to integrate
other applications. You don't write the loop that's gonna run a million
times a second in VB, you write it in C++, then you use VB to link that to
UI controls. That way you get the best of VB (easy GUI) and the best of C++
(speed of intensive tasks). And you say VB programmers are the ones who
don't realise different languages are suited to different tasks...

Think this is a view only VB prgrammers have? Here's a nice quote I found at
"For the last one week or so, I did not like to leave my workplace just
because of your excellent Product MatrixVB! I had been feeling really
handicap in writing mathematical routines in VB because of execution speed
I used to depend on IDL for complex calculations required for industrial
computed tomographic imaging system project, now I am thinking to rewrite
everything using MatrixVB.


Umesh Kumar, Scientific Officer(E)
Isotope Applications Division
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Trombay, Mumbai, India"

But then everyone knows the complex mathematical computation involved in
Atomic research isn't a serious real world application. And no application
is served by being developed in 1\3rd the time.

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2000\04\20@021238 by Dan Michaels

Speaking of quotes and introspection and opinions and such,
I once saw an interesting grid (from Taoism, as I recall):

 "The Good           |         "The True
  Student"           |          Seeker"
Little<---------------+------------------>Great [Experience]
 "The Poor           |         "The Lost
  Student"           |          Cause"

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