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'Video text generation'
1999\06\25@151913 by Vincent Deno

Found this in my archive concerning video generation.  The project seems
quite complete:

> I have a question for you Pic wizards,  How can I display text
> on a monitor and /or TV.
> Is there a single chip hardware interface or somewhat easy
> interface to implement for overlay onto a Monitor???
> KD

See ; this guy is using an
overclocked (12 MHz ?) PIC16F84 do drive a pal TV directly (?) and as I
remember he's also doing some text display.

Stefan Sayer

1999\06\28@130300 by Sam Powell

There is a bloke doing this 'PIC'PONG' app... which is the game of pong on a
PIC being diaplyed on a TV.... Not sure of his URL (used to get it from
picpoint), but u can find it in the pic-pong application zip file found on
the PIC archive:
. Navigate to the Projects section and itl'll be near the bottom.

ICQ: 10061444
e-mail :

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