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'VS: VS: [OT] An electronics puzzle'
2006\07\11@165416 by Lindy Mayfield

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Lähettäjä: puolesta: alan smith
Lähetetty: ti 11.7.2006 22:24
Vastaanottaja: Microcontroller discussion list - Public.
Aihe: Re: VS: [OT] An electronics puzzle
if the battery was somewhat low....and he was able to move it from the one boat (can I borrow that...sure....disconnect and walk over to my boat with it, hook it up) and then when he was going to return it...disconnected BUT left it sitting overnight, etc.
    Battery would not have held it long enough to retain data.  Hmmm...would have thought it would be in EEPROM tho?

Lindy Mayfield <> wrote:
 How would that explain his friend's ram going, too?
Ahh.  Maybe since they were friends they both had the same brand/model.

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