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'Using whois (was Re: Maxim Site)'
1997\08\22@170313 by Shane Nelson

That's becuase there are two "handles" under The whois
server wants to know which one you are refereing too. MAXIM-IC-HST, or
MAXIM-IC-DOM. To single out one of the records use whois like this:

       whois !maxim-ic-dom
       whois !maxim-ic-hst

And it'll give you the correct information about each one.

On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, Philip Restuccia wrote:

> Not only that, but a 'whois' on works, and returns the record
> for Maxim Integrated Products, while a 'whois' on fails to
> turn up the same record.
>         Philip Restuccia

1997\08\22@171759 by Philip Restuccia

{Quote hidden}

Ah, yes.  Of course you are right.  It's been a loooong week :-)  Should
be more careful, though, before posting misleading info like that to the
world.  I apologize for the misinformation.  I promise to be more careful
next time :-)

       Philip Restuccia

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