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'Using a variable to clear a bit => Shadow'
1999\05\10@091953 by paulb

Mik Kim wrote:

> Also, don't use bit operations on PORT. Instead of bcf, you might do
> movf    PORTB, W
> movwf   tempB
> bcf     tempB, 0        ;must use literal as bit position
> movf    tempB, W
> movwf   PORTB

 You've got the wrong idea on this one, I'm afraid.  Your "solution" is
no better than the simple "bcf PORTB,0".

 The danger here is that the port may read as something other than what
you write to the output register, for various reasons.  So, you *don't*
read it at all (unless you want to read an input).  Your "tempB" above
is called a "shadow register", initialized to begin with and again with
what you want PORTB to be at any given time.  I.e.:

 movlw   initial_value   ; constant
 movwf   tempB           ; into shadow
 movwf   PORTB           ; and "real"

; somewhere amidst the code
 bcf     tempB, 0        ; adjust the shadow; bit 0 cleared here
 movf    tempB, W        ; and transfer
 movwf   PORTB           ; to "real"

       Paul B.

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